Mozilla Science Fellows
NYC Summit


United by the vision for better science, we are builders of tools, research products, and communities that make up the invisible infrastructure supporting open science. Our backgrounds as researchers have prepared us to tackle openness in software, hardware, ethics, data, skills, and publishing. It is not enough to be performing science in an open way; we must be critically thinking of how open is performed and stand up, lead, and ignite change.

On February 21, 2019 we gave short presentations summarizing our work during a week in New York City together hosted by the Siegel Family Endowment and the Helmsley Charitable Trust.

2019 Fellows

Kadija Ferryman


I conduct research on the ethics and social impacts of precision medicine. My work provides a critical perspective on openness and inclusion in the development of data-driven health technology.

Julia Stewart Lowndes

Marine Ecologist

I build and strengthen communities of practice around environmental open data science. Openscapes is a program I just launched to engage, empower, and amplify scientists. It centers around a remote mentorship program for labs with a lesson series building from Lowndes et al. 2017.

Alex Morley


I support the development of software that is built around the needs of humans. I have been working with neuroscientists to build an open platform for automatically benchmarking analysis algorithms, with data scientists to write a handbook for reproducible data science and designers to build a graphical interface for computational notebooks.

Ciera Martinez

Evolutionary Biologist

One of the main missions of my work is to make scientific research and data more open and transparent. I do this by establishing best practices , data standards, and creating education materials. This year I have been working on making natural history data more usable, accessible, and valued. Visit for more information on this project.

Daniela Saderi


I am an open science advocate, passionate about research and making scientific output available to everyone to advance knowledgeand improve transparency. I recently co-founded PREreview , a community of researchers and a free online platform to post, read and engage with preprint reviews. Follow our progress on Github and on Twitter .

Andre Maia Chagas


I am interested in pushing open science by building low-cost but high-performance scientific equipment based on Open Source Hardware. Together with different groups and labs we are building a global understanding of current research-tool needs that are not met by competitive open hardware alternatives.